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Contact Us - West Coast Visitor Information & Booking Centre
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Contact Us

West Coast Visitor Information & Booking Centre

Business Address:

The Esplanade, Strahan Tasmania 7468

Mailing Address:

PO Box 40, Zeehan Tasmania 7469

Telephone: (03) 6472 6800
Facsimile:   (03) 6472 6801

Email wcvibcs@westcoast.tas.gov.au

Opening Hours (Summer ): 10.00am - 7.00pm Daily

Opening Hours (Winter ):   10.00am - 6.00pm Daily

Closed:                                   Christmas Day & Good Friday



Admission Prices:

ADULT       - $2.00
CHILDREN - $1.00
Exhibition Opening Hours – 10am—5.30pm Daily
Opened in 1992, this award winning exhibition, by Robert Morris Nunn, Richard Flanagan & Kevin Perkins, Interprets the story of Tasmania’s West Coast, including the battle to save the Franklin.
West Coasters, Aboriginals, Convicts, Piners, Explorers, Miners, Dam Builders & Conservationists…
Take a journey through the rugged history of the Wild West Coast, from settlement to present, through a diverse range of subjects in an Environment the whole family will enjoy.
Spend hours browsing through the endless array of writings each just a step away.
Find yourself lost in a world now long Forgotten


 From the Triangle to Tourism

Since the Time that Aborigines first settled here, the lives of the people who have lived along the shores of Macquarie Harbour have been intimately linked to the ocean, the rivers and the surrounding forests.

The Aborigines close connection with the land meant that they acted as stewards for future generations and the land became the basis for both their culture and religion. With the arrival of Europeans came new attitudes and demands, causing friction and conflict. In time, the environment was seen by some of the community as not just a resource, but something to be valued in its own right. The result was more conflict—and today our attitudes to the land still evolve.
The story of land use , conflict and it’s impact on the lives of people is a complex and ongoing one. Here at the West Coast Visitor Information and Bookings Centre in Strahan, this story is told be a series of walk through displays that combine the fact and design in a way that is both thought provoking and artistic. The experience is well worth the small entrance fee and you may find that it helps you to shape your own attitudes towards our natural and cultural heritage.
Your Visit to the centre will help you to see the different facets of Strahan fit together to create the personality of a unique township. The friendly locals at the front desk will also help you to get the most out of your visit to Strahan and the West Coast.
If we can revise our attitudes
Towards the land under our feet;
If we can accept a role of steward,
And depart from the role of conqueror,
If we can accept the view that man and nature